Album Design News - iDC Album Design Actions

PPA Loan Collection honoree Maura Dutra has just released her easy-to-use Album Design Actions. Now available and receiving rave reviews!

"Wow! I love your album design actions!!!! I look forward to making albums for my clients and about my travels." -San Francisco


Lighting News

Westcott now offers Bruce Dorn Select light modifiers.

Capitalizing on my expertise in Hollywood-style lighting, Westcott has teamed up with iDC to offer my new line of unique light modifiers. Check out two items that are absolutely unique in the industry; the Bruce Dorn Select Natural Muslin Reflector and Asymmetrical Stripbank.

Take a peek at the beautiful Antelope Slot Canyon images in our Jobs section of the website. All of these bridal fashion images were captured using these two new light shapers and simple speedlites.

The image shown here was captured during a session in the Westcott booth at WPPI. 


Camera News

Okay, okay; I'm the world's slowest blogger. Nevertheless, I wanted to share some images from my Canon 1D MKIII shooting session on the Canon Stage at WPPI.


Workshop News - California Photographic Workshops

Just a few words to say what a great time I had at the California Photographic Workshops: Great staff, fun students, and handsome results. Here are a couple of pictures from CPW:


WPPI and DWF Conventions - 2007

Bally's Platinum Room March 26 at WPPI.
Program: "Thinking Big"
Lots to see and learn here: Get a big dose of creative inspiration from Brucie.
We kick-off bright and early at 8:30 am.
Yikes! I didn't know there was an 8:30 in the morning.

Caught on Video - Photovision Issue 61


Caught on Video - Photovision Issue 61

Our thanks to Ed Pierce for the opportunity to share some of my lighting tips in these educational Photovision DVDs.




Issue 61 Sedona Shoot
Bruce and his Mighty Assistant Paul work together to light Caroline along the banks of Oak Creek. Paul has the lightbox mounted using the clever iDC Strobe Slipper.