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Battling Giants

After a summer of intense travel it’s really good to be home for a few minutes.  I’m still putting out the fires caused by my extended absence but still making time to do a little painting.  This image was captured a couple of years ago near Ndutu in Tanzania and I’ve just gotten around to giving it my attention.  I really like how it turned out and look forward to printing it on a massive hunk of canvas; I think it’s a perfect candidate for a quick trip through our Canon iPF 9000 sixty-inch wide printer!

Lesson in Photo Impressionism® for UK readers!

For all you photographers in the UK.... Check out Bruce's tips on Painter X  for photographers in the "Corel Painter Profile" page 88-91,  in the July 2008 issue of UK Digital Photo Pro.

And look for the next issue : August 2008 to feature an interview with Maura!


Fundraising is a Win -Win for all!

This painting is a result of our participation in a fund-raising event for Arizona Ballet. We were very happy to donate a Photo Impressionism® Portrait Package which was awarded in an auction to this excited couple.  Modern day patrons of the arts!  See the painterly details up close...

Always looking to get inspired…

“If we proceed to create an image it might be clumsy, or it may be impressive, but in the final analysis, is it art?” - Bob Kuhn

I wanted to introduce our readers to the work and thoughts of a very  inspirational painter by the name of Bob Kuhn. He has been called a “peerless wildlife artist”.   I recently found his work in the February 2008 issue of “Sporting Classics” magazine that Bruce could not resist bringing home from the bookstore.  The article entitled “Simply the Best” shows some of his breathtakingly beautiful paintings and pays him homage since his passing away last year.  I think his paintings are truly stunning and I thought a review of his thoughts on what makes “artful” work might prove insightful to us all.  

The question is: What makes a work of art?  This is a question I repeatedly find myself pondering… I know, I know, I have gone here before. (But I will always ask myself this question.)

Anyway, here is Bob’s answer:

“ I think you can wield a paintbrush for a lifetime without producing an artful thing.   On the other hand you can build a wall or sing a song or decorate a room or take a  photograph - do any of these things and more, and, if you function in a highly personal way that strikes a chord in others and reveals truth in a new way, you will be producing art.” –Bob Kuhn.

So, let’s look at what Bob is saying.  It’s not the “means” for the expression… the artfulness comes from the “a connection”  - “revealing a truth in a new way”…or… by striking a pose… no, no I mean striking a chord!

Sometimes it takes a few Paintings...

Sometimes it takes a few paintings... to make the painting that you are looking for!  This one was a challenge that did require a few paintings to achieve my desired goal.

Two New Paintings from our Wyoming Adventures


Digital Photo Pro Magazine, based in the UK, contacted us to do an article on digital  painting.  The article is scheduled to be included in the July Issue.  The writer selected several different categories of images to feature including some from my New West series...