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Steadicam Smoothee


I received my nifty little Steadicam Smoothee just before the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While I didn’t have much time to do anything terribly involved I did manage to get out and shoot a couple of short samples. Check ‘em out! Although they make a really cool little adapter for the iPhone, both of these were captured with a GoPro Hero. The suggested retail for the Smoothee is $179.99 but I’ve encountered a street price of $149.99 on

iDC SYSTEM ONE: In Stock Now


Yes, at last; our initial production run of iDC Photo Video’s System One is in stock and ready for delivery. We have System One kits for the all the “tall” cameras. These include the Canon 1D MKIV, Canon 5D MKII with BG-E6, Canon 7D with BG-E7, and Nikon D3s.

Getting to this point has taken somewhat longer than we had promised but we think you’ll agree that the finished product has been worth the wait. Rest assured that we’ve used the extra production time to further evolve the original System One prototypes.

Please note the following list of added features and improvements:

The Magic Ring and the Buddy Bar



Sorta sounds like a weird children’s book but it isn’t.  It’s really two new tools that I have developed for my own gadget bag.  The Buddy Bar is a black-anodized aluminum bar that is just right for ganging up small lighting instruments.  The Magic Ring is a piece I designed to allow easy softbox rotation with any plate in the iDC Slipper line.  The Magic Ring is available as part of several kits but also "a la carte. "   iDC is the only site that offers the Magic Ring as an addition  for existing owners of our handy Slipper line-up.  The Magic Ring is fully backward compatible!

Safari Musings...

Man oh man, time really does fly!  I’ve been keeping my nose to the grindstone lately and the blog entries have been rather scarce, eh?  Time to rectify that!

Safari season is almost upon us and nows the time to rough-in our travel kits.  Deciding about what you’re going to bring is one thing but figuring out how to organize it is quite another.  Think fewer clothes and well-chosen gear.  And remember to always transport your true essentials in your carry-on gear…

The Power Puppy Hits a Home Run at NAB!

I rolled the Power Puppy into the Westcott booth at NAB and got unprecedented response. Videographers who need convenient location power for both 12vdc and 120vac powered lighting instruments immediately appreciated the concept. With wheels and a lightstand riser that exceeds 100 inches, the Power Puppy makes perfect sense for use with Daylight Fluorescent or Strobes.

It looks like I will be licensing this design to a major grip gear manufacturer for mass production but I still have a few left from my most recent production run. Check ‘em out In our web store.

NAB is just around the corner…

And that means all kinds of cool new video stuff to investigate!

The National Association of Broadcasters will hold its convention in Las Vegas from April 11th to April 17th. If it’s anything like last year this will be an amazing show. The scale of this event dwarfs any still shooters' convention that I have attended and there is cool stuff to look at wherever you turn.  I'll be there with eyes peeled...