Western Digital Nomad - Behind-the-Scenes Part I

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Copyright-2010-http://www.idcphotovideo.com/-Bruce Dorn

We thought you might enjoy seeing a little behind-the-scenes action from the recent WD Nomad Project. The very talented Maura was only able to join us for one day but she got some fun footage while she was with us.

All scenes - time lapse, principal photography, and the Behind-the-Scenes footage - were captured exclusively with the amazing and affordable Canon EOS HDSLR cameras. Other than some help from Ace Assistant Kiersa on the time lapse footage, the crew consisted of, well, just me. Tough little Holly Bond did double-duty as both on-screen talent and pack mule. iDCʼs VP of Sales and all around Girl Wonder, Maura Dutra, captured the additional behind-the-scenes footage. Clever Editor Cadu cut this piece and I think he did a fine job - especially considering that there was a rather limited amount of behind-the-scenes footage available...


- Bruce

Gear List:

  • Canon 1DMKIV with Canon 400mm f2.8 L IS on iDC SYSTEM ONE Super-Tele Rig
  • Canon 5DMKII with 70-200mm f2.8 L IS Series II on 16” iDC SYSTEM ONE
  • Canon 5DMKII with 24-105mm f4L IS on 12” iDC SYSTEM ONE
  • Canon 60D with 10-22mm zoom (on Blackbird from Camera Motion Research)
  • SmallHD DP6 LCD Monitors
  • Manfrotto 504 Fluid Heads on Gitzo Carbon Fiber Sticks
  • Hoodman CF and SD Cards
  • iDC Back Pack Dolly - coming soon!

Hollyʼs On-Camera Rig (which was also used for filming much of the Utah B-Roll) consisted of the following:

  • Canon 7D with 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 L IS on iDC SYSTEM ZERO with iDC Viewfinder
  • iDC SYSTEM ZERO Accessory Bracket B
  • SYSTEM ZERO Spacer
  • Rode Shotgun Microphone
  • Lee Two-Stage Compendium Lens Shade
  • Tiffen Screw-On ND Filters