U-Boat Commander: Ship-Shape and Ready for Duty!

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Using the iDC U-Boat Commander: Part 1

Using the iDC U-Boat Commander: Part 2

Using the iDC U-Boat Commander: Part 3


We’re pleased to report that the UBC is in stock and shipping out.

Even in its simplest configuration, the modularly-designed UBC fits the Canon 5D Mark II like a glove making hand-held video capture as smooth as a Caribbean cruise.  With the simple addition of modular expansion elements, the UBC quickly facilitates advanced cinematic technique.

To avoid confusion, we now offer the UBC kit in three distinct Kits.

  • Kit I – This is the most basic “two-fisted grip” configuration
  • Kit II – Everything in Kit I plus the very handy “under-slung” capability
  • Kit III – Everything in Kits I & II plus a Shoulder Brace and Lower Grip Set

From simple to elaborate, every UBC kit offers the lightest and simplest way to expand your 5D Mark II for advanced HD video capture. For those seeking a truly minimalist approach we also offer an asymmetrical solution with our popular DogLeg Plus.

Watch these video clips to see me assemble and discuss the U-Boat Commander.