New Music Video Premiers at SDMOCA

Copyright-2010- Dorn

Here’s something fun to report! I recently worked with a talented first-time Director by the name of Rebecca Wilson. I met Rebecca during the San Diego stop of the Canon Live Learning Tour and we quickly laid plans to work together at the earliest opportunity. Rebecca is a fine stills shooter and has a deep history in the music industry as a traveling engineer for a variety of Rock & Roll acts. When the chance came up to shoot a music video for a San Diego band named Hyena, Rebecca asked me to pop over to act as DOP on a song entitled "Anyone’s Guess."

The Really Big News is that the finished piece has been selected by the Curator of San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art for inclusion in a special exhibition that will showcase current trends in motion picture capture. The event, Alt. PictureShow, will run on Thursday, September 8th, 2010. Please attend the screenings if you’re in the area. There will be many great pieces to enjoy. Work continues to refine the final cut so the video is likey evolve further from the version shown here...

Rebecca had a very specific vision of what she wanted, a trait I strongly respect, but she also gave me the freedom to explore possibilities within her carefully considered conceptual framework. The budget was non-existent but with a few pink gels - and some sheets of pegboard - we were able to generate some very interesting looks. Working with first-timer “directors” is always a bit of a crap-shoot for me and I’ve definitely been burned in the past. Rebecca, however, was a pleasure to work with and I’m sure we’ll collaborate again in the near future. More music videos, please!

Current Rock & Roll taste runs towards a gritty and stylized handheld camera look with lots of fun and arbitrary focus racks. Works for me! On the day of the shoot I brought along my brand new Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro IS and it was just the ticket for shooting ECU work of the band members’ faces. This lens worked perfectly on our standard iDC Run & Gun kit and I had absolutely zero problems achieving focus while peerimg through our adapted Hoodman loupe.  Rebecca wanted lots of focus "hunting" so I was very busy on the focusing wheel. 

My assistant Kiersa ran a second camera mounted on our prototype Back-Pack Dolly System (not quite ready for prime-time but coming soon!) while a third locked-off camera rolled mostly unattended. We ended up with plenty of footage to play with, especially after multiple passes and various wardrobe changes. Check out a preliminary cut of the final footage and the behind the scenes coverage above...

- Bruce