iDC Run & Gun for the Canon Rebel T2i

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This IDC Run & Gun Kit is ultra-light and a perfect match for the amazingly-capable and astonishingly-affordable Canon EOS Rebel T2i. This camera is also known as the EOS 550D and Kiss X4 in other international markets.

Now capable of full 1080P recording, this compact HDSLR camera makes a darn good primary HD camera for beginning filmmakers. It’s also a great B camera for those choosing the more robust and highly-weatherized Canon 7D as their primary platform.

I recently demonstrated a pre-release version of this camera during a new product introduction in New York city. I was very impressed with the HD image quality and especially the ultra light weight of the package when combined with our new iDC T2i Run & Gun kit. I think that filmmakers who are comfortable with the APS-C sensor dimension will find this unit to be very attractive. I openly despise kit lenses with vestigial manual focusing rings so I substituted some favorites from my 7D kit. I strongly recommend the EF-S 10-22 f3.5-4.5 and EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS for those needing a versatile range of focal lengths in a compact package.

For me, it all comes down to the ultra-light construction. This is an HD rig that you can wear hanging from the OEM neck strap and hardly notice the weight. This comment, of course, comes from a guy built like a pack mule and quite used to the gravitational pull of the much heavier “Carved from a solid chunk of Unobtainium” 1D Mk IV cameras. If you have an interest in adding a steadicam-style support at a later date, the T2i is an excellent choice for such duty.

Copyright 2010, Bruce Dorn. T2i Run & Gun

Anyway, in an effort to keep our iDC T2i Run & Gun kit as light-weight as possible, we have chosen to manufacture several components in this kit from Acetel, a very rugged and precisely-machinable plastic. We have also initiated a new Sliding Follow-Focus Baseplate into our Gearless Follow-Focus Assembly. This means that precise alignment between the iDC Focusing Wheel and your lenses’ focusing rings can be much more easily achieved.

Bottom line? The iDC Run & Gun kit provides an excellent eye-level viewing system and a clever gearless follow-focus solution in a very compact and light-weight package.

This, my friends, is a very tidy and capable HD filmmaking package.

I recommend the IDC Run & Gun kit but both the iDC T2i Viewfinder and the IDC T2i Follow-Focus may be ordered “a la carte”.

Please see the compatible lens list in our web store for a current list of compatible lenses. Kit lenses that have a minimalist focusing ring or one that travels in-and-out as the lens is zoomed are not supported.