Expeditions 7: The Adventure Begins!

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Over the past six months I’ve been involved in careful preparation for an extremely ambitious and adventurous overland expedition. This brief video will bring you up to speed on our emerging and very exciting story...

Expeditions 7 was formed after Expedition Leader, Scott Brady, and Lead Driver, Greg Miller, posed the theoretical question of whether or not two properly prepared vehicles could survive to successfully navigate all seven continents. After much consideration, and even more sweat equity, two Toyota Land Cruisers were acquired.

After registering the two Toyotas in New Zealand they were then shipped to the USA to be highly modified. The interior and exterior overlanding modifications were engineered and installed at Adventure Trailers in Prescott, Arizona, after which the vehicles traveled to Proffitt's Cruisers in Tooele, Utah, for extensive suspension and chassis upgrades.

Scott and Greg form the firm foundation of the team and will be ably assisted from afar by the super-capable support staff at The Overland Journal Magazine and it’s sister website, Expedition Portal. Riding along and documenting this epic seven-continent journey will be award-winning cinematographers Bruce Dorn and Sinuhe Xavier.

Subscribe to the Expeditions 7 thread in the Forum section at www.expeditionportal.com/forum to follow along as this two-year odyssey unfolds. The journey begins right now!

PS - As one of the shooters on this fantastic trip, I see and learn all kinds of things that might never make the “final cut”. To share these little nuggets of knowledge, I will also be posting “behind-the-scenes” footage and tidbits of filmmaking advice on my Western Digital Creative Masters blog.