Canon Live Learning: Environmental Portraiture with Canon Speedlites

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Although this CLL Speedlite Workshop was held much earlier in the summer, the timing of this video’s release is perfect. Thanks to my friends at Canon USA, this week will find me “on assignment” to create a ten-part series of instructional videos on this very same subject; Environmental Portraiture with Canon Speedlites.

This enjoyable task will trigger a multi-state shooting spree from which I plan to return with some very entertaining and educational content. I’ll tackle a broad spectrum of challenges and, in the process, share a plethora of tips and techniques garnered over almost forty years of avid speedlite usage. More details to follow in future blog postings!

If you missed the sold-out Sedona workshop, you missed a great opportunity to work with some beautiful models in a variety of spectacular locations. No worries, though - I”ll be sure to post the dates and locations of any such future offerings right here...

In the meantime, please enjoy Director/Cameraman Maura’s fine single-camera coverage and appreciate Editor Cadu’s attractive and coherent cut...