Canon EOS 7D Video Test

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Here's a short test with my new Canon 7D fitted with a 17-55 f2.8 IS.  All scenes were shot hand-held and the 7D was equipped with prototypes of our new iDC 7D Viewfinder and 7D Follow-Focus.  The 7D Viewfinder is in stock now and I expect the first production run of the 7D Follow-Focus by 10/21/09. 

I didn't do any focus racks but I did shoot in rapidly changing lighting conditions.  The bright light scenes were captured at ISO 100 and the lower light scenes were recorded at ISO 800.  The flickering "firelight" was provided by a pair of CTO gelled LED lights.  These sun-guns were hand-held and the light was animated by the dancing fingers of two enthusiastic helpers.

I think the 7D is great in bright-light but feel that the larger sensor of the 5D MK II still has an edge in lower-light conditions.  The addition of 24fps is a welcome step in the right direction.

- Bruce