A Safari’s Memoir

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Back in 2008 I guided a group of photographers on a lovely trip to Botswana’s beautiful Okavango Delta. Attendees spent two wonderful weeks wallowing in fantastic game viewing opportunities while luxuriating in some of the finest wilderness camps in all of Africa. What a treat this safari was, with fresh and exciting adventures awaiting us each and every morning.

Due to more pressing production demands, the footage holding these cherished memories went unviewed, unloved, and uncut until now. It’s such a shame that there is so little time for personal work these days but so it goes - belated though it may be, I hope you enjoy this short clip entitled, “A Safari’s Memoir”...

Still photography was the main focus of this trip but many of us carried small camcorders for capturing the occasional HD video clip. Maura and I used a brace of tiny Canon HDV tape cameras, Canon HV20s, and the footage turned out pretty well - despite the awkward interface required to achieve appropriate exposure compensation in a consumer grade camera.

If you were on this safari, drop me an email - there’s a longer cut that will be of interest to you...