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iDC SYSTEM ONE: In Stock Now


Yes, at last; our initial production run of iDC Photo Video’s System One is in stock and ready for delivery. We have System One kits for the all the “tall” cameras. These include the Canon 1D MKIV, Canon 5D MKII with BG-E6, Canon 7D with BG-E7, and Nikon D3s.

Getting to this point has taken somewhat longer than we had promised but we think you’ll agree that the finished product has been worth the wait. Rest assured that we’ve used the extra production time to further evolve the original System One prototypes.

Please note the following list of added features and improvements:

Canon Live Learning Tour: Boston ADR Update


If you read my posting about the Canon Live Learning Tour (Boston) you know that I wasn't 100% satisfied on my audio recording. We have updated the original video with some ADR (Additional Dialog Recording) to improve audio problems from the original capture.

Mixed Bag: Sound and Picture


Yep, this video posting is a bit of a mixed bag; I had a couple of things I wanted to share and once I started yakking both subjects kinda blended together...

The big news is that we have a newly designed baseplate for the U-Boat Commander! 

Several interesting options have become available since the initial design was produced and it has taken a bit of time to integrate them into our U-Boat's modular design.  When I designed the original U-Boat, the Beachtek XLR adapter was still a "work in progress" and I hadn't figured out a good LCD magnifier quite yet.  Things have certainly changed!

Quick Look: Beachtek DXA5D


I've been having good luck with the new Beachtek DXA5D XLR adapter.  If you feel that single-system sound is well-suited for your particular film-making technique, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at this nicely designed passive audio accessory.  Watch the video for a closer look.